Bauxite Ultrafine Mill Equipment

Bauxite Ultrafine Mill Equipment

Ultrafine mill realizes the quiet transformation of bauxite refractory

Bauxite is also known as bauxite or bauxite. The main component is alumina, which is a hydrated alumina containing impurities. It is a kind of earthy mineral. White or off-white, brownish yellow or light red due to iron. Density 3.9 ~ 4g / cm3, hardness 1-3, opaque, crisp. Extremely difficult to melt. Insoluble in water, soluble in sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide solution. Mainly used for aluminum smelting and refractory materials.

China is a country with relatively abundant bauxite resources. There is a large amount of bauxite resources, which also has a certain market base for bauxite processing. The domestic bauxite price is still high, which has brought great pressure to bauxite processing enterprises. With the large demand of domestic metal aluminum building materials and bauxite refractory market, domestic bauxite processing enterprises gradually introduce foreign aluminum. Soil and mineral resources, filling the gap in the domestic bauxite processing market. Therefore, domestic bauxite development and processing enterprises to reduce the cost of bauxite processing has become an effective way to solve problems and seize opportunities. For this reason, our bauxite hammer crushers and mills have become the primary target of many bauxite processing companies.

The high-alumina bauxite clinker after deep processing is widely used and the market price is rising. Bauxite clinker is the main raw material for the manufacture of various refractory materials: such as shaped refractory products (various refractory bricks, prefabricated parts), amorphous refractory materials (various castables, ramming materials, refractory mud, etc.). Refractory is the basic material for high temperature technology. It is the structural material for thermal equipment such as high temperature kiln. The refractory material is mainly used in the metallurgical industry. Its consumption accounts for 70% of its total output. It is important for the development of metallurgical industry. basis.

In recent years, with the increase of steel production, the amount of refractory materials has also been increasing, and the requirements for bauxite clinker, which is an essential raw material for refractory materials, are also increasing and indispensable. Because bauxite clinker is an essential raw material for refractory materials, the market for refractory materials is large, and the sales volume is much. The market for bauxite clinker is large, and the demand is large. At present, the ultra-fine grinding machine that can process bauxite has been continuously updated, and more and more high-tech grinding equipment has emerged. From the Raymond mill that we know well to the high-pressure medium-speed mill to the present day A new generation of grinding equipment, such as press ultrafine mill and European mill, is more and more skilled in the deep processing technology of bauxite, which can fully meet the processing needs of bauxite in various industries.

The bauxite ultrafine mill equipment produced by our company is the best choice for processing bauxite. If the processing fineness is in the range of 10-105mm and the processing capacity is 90 tons/hour, the jaw crusher equipment can be selected. The processing fineness is below 25mm, and the processing capacity is 45 tons/hour, then the hammer crusher equipment can be selected. Particle size 600-800mm, finished product fineness 50mm or less, processing capacity 160 tons / hour, you can choose the box hammer to break, processing fineness is below 3mm, processing capacity 100 tons / hour can choose European version of coarse powder grinding machine, processing fine The degree is between 200-3000 mesh (the fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily); you can choose the three-ring four-ring series. For more equipment problems, please consult our online customer service.