Impact Crusher Precautions

Impact Crusher Precautions

Precautions for selective impact crusher during operation

The selective impact crusher equipment is a new type of crushing equipment with many advantages. Only the operation of the policy can ensure that the equipment can better serve the production line. Here are some precautions when the impact crusher is broken. Selective impact crusher crusher equipment is a new type of equipment that is more efficient and more convenient to operate than traditional equipment. In the process of production, operators must strictly operate the equipment according to production requirements in order to make the equipment The advantages are better, this article is mainly to introduce the operational precautions of the impact crusher in production.

The principle of the selective impact crusher is complicated, so it must be operated according to the manufacturer's regulations. Before starting, it is necessary to check whether the various parts of the equipment are intact, whether the screws of the parts are loose, whether the parts of the equipment are worn or even broken. Phenomenon, the replacement of parts of the equipment for these phenomena, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. In addition, in the process of work, pay attention to the temperature of the bearing. If the bearing temperature changes too much, stop it and process it in time. The principle of the selective impact crusher is complicated. When running, it usually produces a lot of dust. In addition to the dust removal work, it is necessary to set up the corresponding dust collection equipment in the workshop.

Then pay attention to the shutdown sequence during the work process, first cut off the power supply and then check whether there is any residual waste inside the equipment. If there is any need to clean it in time, the main motor can be stopped only after all the materials have been discharged. In addition, the equipment should not be placed in a damp room and must be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

The Impact crusher adjustment system of the impact crusher equipment also serves as the overload protection device of the whole machine, so as to avoid the damage of foreign objects or unbreakable pieces to the equipment. In addition, the crusher also uses a multi-stage counter-attack chamber to make it have enough crushing space for the crushing of large materials. The impact crusher can adjust the sight of the counter-attack as needed to ensure that the material has a suitable viewpoint when the impact between the counter-plate and the rotor is repeated. It can be used to improve the crushing power. The crushing process of the step-by-step crusher can be used to reduce the crushing process. Energy consumption. While ensuring the smooth operation of the cement occupation, China has increased environmental protection management and carried out high-quality production of cement. Among them, the impact crusher equipment has made great contributions.

The interchangeable parts of the impact crusher are strong, and the variety of wearing parts is small; the crushing function is complete and the dust is discharged less. It has usefully extended the life of the machine and conformed to the environmental protection regulations, which has accelerated the pace of the rapid development of the cement profession. The above article mainly introduces some matters needing attention during the operation of the selective impact crusher. Doing these precautions helps the selective impact crusher to better serve the production line.